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Victorian Sandwich Recipes

Bread for sandwiches should be at least one day old. Cut into thin slices of uniform size, remove all crust and then cut into the desired shape either with the sharp, pliable knife or a sharp cookie cutter. The butter should be soft enough to spread smoothly and the most essential thing is to have good bread and fresh sweet butter. Meat for filling should either be sliced very thin or chopped fine and other ingredients minced or mashed to make as smooth a paste as possible and mix evenly with the salad dressing or other dressing used. Sandwiches are better eaten as soon as made. If necessary to let them stand an hour or so, wrap the plate of sandwiches in a dampened napkin and put in a cold place so the bread will not become hard and dry. Be careful not to let the dressing run over the outer edge of the slices of bread. Sandwiches must be dainty to be appetizing and easily handled. Cut the slices as thin as you can and make into small triangles or squared sandwiches, or oblong ones two or three inches long.

Victorian Sandwich Recipes

Mince the white meat of a roast chicken, and mix it with half a can of French mushrooms, chopped fine, and a half cupful of chopped English walnuts. Season to taste with melted butter. Put the mixture between slices of whole wheat bread.

Shell English walnuts. Blanch and chop, and to every tablespoonful of nuts allow a good half teaspoonful of cream cheese. Rub well together and spread on thin slices of crustless white or graham bread.

Mash the yolks of hard boiled eggs to a powder and moisten with olive oil and a few drops of vinegar. Work to a paste, add salt, pepper and French mustard to taste, with a drop or two of tabasco sauce. Now chop the whites of the eggs as fine as possible or until they are like a coarse powder and mix them with the yolk paste. If more seasoning is necessary, add it before spreading the mixture upon sliced graham bread.

Chop rare roast beef very fine, taking care to use only the lean portions of the meat. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and a saltspoonful of horseradish. Mix and make into sandwiches with thinly sliced graham bread.

Shell and skin freshly roasted peanuts and roll them to fine crumbs on a pastry board. Add salt to taste and mix the powdered nuts with enough fresh cream cheese to make a paste that can be easily spread on unbuttered bread. Keep in a cold, damp place until wanted.

Boil eggs hard and throw them into cold water. When cool remove the shells, cut the eggs in half carefully and extract the yolks. Rub these to a powder with the back of a spoon and add to them pepper and salt to taste, a little melted butter to make the mixture into a smooth paste. If ham is not at hand any other cold meat will do, and either anchovies or anchovy paste may be used. Make the compound into balls about the size and shape of the yolks and restore them to their place between the two cups of the whites.

Chop lean ham fine and beat into each cupful of the minced meat a tablespoonful of salad oil, a teaspoonful of vinegar, a saltspoonful of French mustard, six olives chopped fine and a teaspoonful of minced parsley. Work all to a paste and spread on thin slices of white bread.

Small can salmon, one small onion chopped, two hard boiled eggs chopped, and chopped celery to taste. Mix with a good mayonnaise dressing and spread between thin, buttered slices of bread.—Mrs. L. L. Lampman.

Run boiled ham through the food chopper or mince it very fine. This may be spread plain on buttered bread or it may be mixed with the ground yolks and whites of hard boiled eggs and mixed with mayonnaise dressing to a paste and spread between thin slices of buttered bread.

Cut the crust from a loaf of bread lengthwise of the loaf in thin slices. Butter, spread with the ham mayonnaise paste and roll up like jelly roll, pressing firmly together. Cut in slices like jelly roll cake slices.

These are made of nut bread slices spread with butter. Raisin bread also makes nice sandwiches and so does date bread.

Spread toasted muffins (cold muffins cut into slices and toasted) with butter, then with cottage cheese or grated cream cheese. Cover with a thin layer of plum (blue damson preferred) marmalade, and cover with top slice of toasted muffin.

Mix ground yolks of five hard boiled eggs with three boned sardines or anchovies, mashed, two small pickles or as many capers chopped, one teaspoon of butter. Spread between thin slices of buttered graham bread.

Three hard boiled eggs, one half pint olives and one fourth pound walnuts, minced together fine and mixed with salad dressing. Spread on rye bread or graham bread, with lettuce leaves between. One cup chopped celery, six stoned olives and two tablespoons salted nuts, minced together with salad dressing. Salted almonds rolled fine and mixed to a paste with butter are nice on crackers, with a chafing dish lunch. Bone sardines and mash them to a paste with lemon juice or oil and spread on thinly sliced bread. Mince canned lobster, shrimp or crabs fine, mix with minced hard boiled eggs and salad dressing and spread between buttered slices of bread.

Spread small triangles of bread or toast with anchovy paste. Serve either hot or cold. No top crust for these. Pass lemon slices.

Spread thin slices of rye bread with caviar and sprinkle with finely minced young onions or onion juice. No top crust for these. Serve with lemon points.

Grate cheese and spread it on buttered cracker wafers or buttered wafers of toast and sprinkle lightly with salt and cayenne pepper. Melt cheese in the oven and serve hot.

Run hard boiled eggs through meat grinder and mix with dry mustard, salt, cayenne pepper and lemon juice or vinegar. Spread between thin slices of buttered bread. Minced celery or celery seed is nice mixed with this paste. The grated rind of a lemon added to ground hard boiled eggs (three), one half cup butter, two tablespoons of lemon juice, salt and half teaspoon of dry mustard makes a good devil paste for sandwiches.

Stone olives, or use the stuffed olives, and chop them fine; mix with an equal quantity of cottage cheese. Make into a smooth paste with soft butter. Spread between graham or rye bread slices. Olives may be mixed likewise with grated cream cheese.

Use the fresh, sliced cucumbers or cucumber pickles chopped fine. Mix with mayonnaise salad dressing and spread on buttered bread, cover with shredded lettuce and lay slice of buttered bread on top.

Chop walnuts fine and mix with grated cream cheese and a little lemon juice or with soft butter or salad dressing. Spread on lettuce leaves and place between buttered slices of bread.

Mince celery fine; mix it with chopped nuts and chopped olives and blend together with mayonnaise dressing. Spread between slices of buttered bread.

Mix grated cheese with the grated yolks of hard boiled eggs and add a few drops of lemon juice. For a change a few canned, sweet red peppers, chopped fine are nice added to the mixture. Spread between thin slices of buttered white bread.

Spread cottage cheese between thin slices of buttered graham, whole wheat or rye bread. Chopped dill pickles are nice mixed with this cheese and spread on rye bread.

Grate cream cheese and mix it with ground salted peanuts. Make into a paste with butter or thick cream. Spread on graham bread.

Grate cream cheese or cut up Swiss cheese and spread it on thin slices of buttered rye bread; spread with German prepared mustard and press buttered slices of bread on top. Pass dill pickles.

Spread thin slices of Boston brown bread with peanut butter or with ground salted peanuts mixed with butter. White graham bread is also used this way.

Spread bread or toast with butter, lay on a thin slice of cold meat chicken, (white meat preferred), spread with mayonnaise salad dressing then put on a layer of shredded lettuce, covered again with mayonnaise dressing and cover top with another thin slice of buttered bread or buttered hot toast. The sliced meat and bread must be cut very thin to make dainty sandwiches of this delicious combination. Garnish with quartered dill pickles and olives or pimentos and parsley.

Toast bread in thin slices; lay on a thin slice of hot boiled bacon or ham and upon this place a hot fried egg or an egg scrambled fine. Lay another hot slice of toast on top and serve.

Minced cooked chicken or veal, mixed with minced celery and then with mayonnaise dressing is the usual paste for meat sandwiches. The flavor may be varied by adding minced sweet pickles, sweet canned peppers, olives, pimentos, mushrooms or nuts to this paste as fancy dictates. Minced boiled ham and boiled chicken in equal portions make a nice combination. If mayonnaise isn't liked bind together with soft butter, thick cream, lemon juice or prepared mustard.

These are made of different varieties of bread combined in the same sandwich or of two or more kinds of thinly sliced cold, cooked meat, placed in alternate layers between slices of buttered bread or toast. Cold roast duck, either wild or tame, sliced thinly and placed between buttered slices of raisin bread is nice. Duck may first be dipped in mayonnaise. Cold boiled tongue sliced thin and covered with lettuce mayonnaise and then with a thin slice of chicken or cold boiled ham, make a good layer sandwich. Flaked white fish, spread with minced shrimp mayonnaise and lettuce or minced celery is another. Brown bread and white bread cut as thin as wafers, buttered and spread with cream or cottage cheese and minced olives or nuts and put together in alternate layers then cut through like layer cake into oblong strips or finger sandwiches make pretty luncheon sandwiches. Nut bread and raisin or date bread, sliced, buttered and built in layer sandwiches are delicious. Rings of Boston brown bread alternated with rings of white bread and spread with peanut butter is another popular combination.

Chop figs, raisins and stoned dates together and spread on buttered slices of graham or white bread. Dates minced with nuts and spread on thin slices of buttered bread or upon cracker wafers make dainty afternoon tea sandwiches. Grated sweet chocolate and ground nuts mixed smooth with butter or cream is another filling. Grated cocoanut and dates minced to a paste is another favorite filling.

Cut thin slices of prairie chicken, wild duck or goose or venison. Dip shredded celery into mayonnaise dressing; lay the sliced meat on buttered bread, scatter shredded celery over it and press bread on top. With sliced venison spread currant jelly on the meat and omit the salad dressing. With sliced turkey use cranberry jelly. With boiled ham cider jelly, grape jelly or apple jelly is nice. With sliced roast veal tomato jelly is best. With wild fowl use mild plum jelly or currant jelly.—Contributed.

Slice two bananas and mix with one half cupful of chopped hickory nut meats or pecans. Spread between thin slices of buttered brown bread.

Mince celery fine and mix with chopped apples, sprinkle lightly with salt and spread between slices of buttered brown bread.

Waldorf. Chop fine equal quantities of sour apples, celery and pecans or other nuts. Salt them, spread on buttered bread, then spread lightly with mayonnaise dressing and make into sandwiches with brown bread.

Cut thin slices from smoked breasts of duck or goose. Cut hard boiled eggs into thin rings, lay over the duck and squeeze lemon juice on them; sprinkle with salt and pepper and place between buttered slices of bread, rye bread preferred.

Cut thin slices of bread, butter it and lay a thin slice of smoked salmon between them, or mash the salmon smooth with minced hard boiled egg and mix with butter to a paste and spread on bread.

Spread buttered brown bread with cold baked beans, sprinkle with chopped pickles or with salted water cress or nasturtium leaves minced fine.

Garden cress or pepper grass dipped lightly in salt and spread between thin slices of buttered bread makes dainty picquant sandwiches. Minced nasturtium leaves are used likewise.

Mince seeded malaga grapes, sliced canned pineapple and mashed bananas together to a paste. Spread on slices of plain white or graham bread or on nut bread. Cover with a thin layer of salad dressing and press thin sliced buttered bread on top.

Spread sliced nut bread with butter and grated cream cheese, or with melted cream cheese and press buttered bread on top.

Spread raisin bread slices with grated cheese and cover with a slice of buttered raisin bread.

Spread thin slices of buttered nut bread with chocolate fudge or fondant. Raisin bread is nice used the same way.

Toast marshmallows and place between thin slices of buttered nut bread. Mushrooms may be steamed with a little cream, spread on buttered bread and covered with a thin coating of chocolate fudge or fondant. Set the fondant dish in hot water to melt it for spreading.

Half a pound of grated cheese, one tablespoonful of butter, the yolks of two hard-boiled eggs mashed very fine and a teaspoonful of mayonnaise dressing. Mix the ingredients thoroughly; butter before cutting from the loaf some slices of brown or white home-made bread; spread with the mixture and fold together.

Use dainty little baking powder biscuits freshly baked but cold, or white home-made bread for these sandwiches. Only the very tender part of celery should be used and chopped fine and put in iced water until needed. Add a few chopped walnuts to the celery and enough mayonnaise dressing to hold them together; butter the bread before cutting from the loaf, spread one slice with the mixture and press another over it. If biscuits are used, split and butter them. They should be small and very thin for this purpose and browned delicately.

Boston brown bread buttered on the loaf and cut in very thin slices; spread with a filling of cream cheese and chopped walnut meats; press a buttered slice over it. They may be cut in fingers, rounds or half-moons. The proportion is three-quarters of a cup of nuts to a ten-cent package of Philadelphia cream cheese. This quantity will make a large number of sandwiches.

Graham, rye, and Boston brown bread make very nice sandwiches. Butter the loaf and cut in very thin slices, sprinkle with chopped nuts and fold together.

Chop the nuts very fine, butter the bread before cutting from the loaf, sprinkle the nuts thickly over the butter, press two slices together. Boston brown bread with raisins is also nice for these sandwiches.

Prepare the bread and butter as for other sandwiches. It may be cut in squares, rounds or triangles to suit the fancy. Stone and chop as many Queen olives as needed and mix with them enough mayonnaise dressing to hold together, spread half the number of bread slices with the mixture and cover with the other half.

Brown, rye, whole wheat or white bread may be used. Home-made is preferable, but it must be twelve hours old. Sandwiches may be sweet or savory, may be cut round, square, or in triangles.

Make a dressing of half a cup of butter, one tablespoonful of mixed
mustard, one of salad oil, a little red or white pepper, a pinch of
salt and the yolk of an egg; rub the butter to a cream, add the other
ingredients and mix thoroughly; then stir in as much chopped ham as
will make it consistent and spread between thin slices of bread. Omit
salad oil and substitute melted butter if preferred.

Trim the crusts from thin slices of bread; butter them and lay between
every two some thin slices of cold boiled ham. Spread the meat with a
little mustard if liked.

Mince up fine any cold boiled or roasted chicken; put it into a
saucepan with gravy, water or cream enough to soften it; add a good
piece of butter, a pinch of pepper; work it very smooth while it is
heating until it looks almost like a paste. Then spread it on a plate
to cool. Spread it between slices of buttered bread.

Take two boxes of sardines and throw the contents into hot water,
having first drained away all the oil. A few minutes will free the
sardines from grease. Pour away the water and dry the fish in a cloth;
then scrape away the skins and pound the sardines in a mortar till
reduced to paste; add pepper, salt and some tiny pieces of lettuce,
and spread on the sandwiches, which have been previously cut as above.
The lettuce adds very much to the flavor of the sardines.

Or chop the sardines up fine and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice
into them, and spread between buttered bread or cold biscuits.

Wash well some water cress and then dry them in a cloth, pressing out
every atom of moisture as far as possible; then mix with the cress
hard-boiled eggs chopped fine, and seasoned with salt and pepper. Have
a stale loaf and some fresh butter, and with a sharp knife cut as many
thin slices as will be required for two dozen sandwiches; then cut the
cress into small pieces, removing the stems; place it between each
slice of bread and butter, with a slight sprinkling of lemon juice;
press down the slices hard, and cut them sharply on a board into small
squares, leaving no crust.

Hard boil some very fresh eggs and when cold cut them into moderately
thin slices and lay them between some bread and butter cut as thin as
possible; season them with pepper, salt and nutmeg. For picnic
parties, or when one is traveling, these sandwiches are far preferable
to hard-boiled eggs _au naturel_.

Mince beef tongue and boiled mushrooms together, add French mustard
and spread between buttered bread.

These are extremely nice and are very easily made. Take one
hard-boiled egg, a quarter of a pound of common cheese grated, half a
teaspoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of pepper, half a teaspoonful
of mustard, one tablespoonful of melted butter, and one tablespoonful
of vinegar or cold water. Take the yolk of the egg and put it into a
small bowl and crumble it down, put into it the butter and mix it
smooth with a spoon, then add the salt, pepper, mustard and the
cheese, mixing each well. Then put in the tablespoonful of vinegar,
which will make it the proper thickness. If vinegar is not relished,
then use cold water instead. Spread this between two biscuits or
pieces of oat-cake, and you could not require a better sandwich. Some
people will prefer the sandwiches less highly seasoned. In that case,
season to taste.