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Here is a very comprehensive source list for information about the Old West.  It should keep you going for hours.


New Perspectives on The West    - Companion site to Ken Burns' program about the American West featuring an interactive timeline, maps and archived primary source materials.
America's West - Development & History
- Provides information on the history and development of the American West.    
Chuck Wagon Central
- The chuck wagon as used in the old west, the "Chuck Wagon Registry", cowboy stories and historic tidbits.
Conservation Chronology 1847-1871 - A time line showing the Nations efforts at conservation in the American West. The people and the places in pictures and biographies.    
The Depression Years (1929-1940)
- Period photos and description of the impact of the Depression on the West. 
Expansion of America Westward
- Brief history of the United States expansion westward throughout the first half of the nineteenth century.
Fagan's Grave - In the late 1850s, Michael Fagan was buried beside the Cherokee Trail in what is now central Colorado. This site focuses on history in the locale and times of his burial. 
Ghost Town - Maps and photos of ghost towns and mining camps.  
Handbook of Texas Online: Cattle Brands
- A description and history of cattle brands from the "Texas State Historical Association".  
The Historical Garden of the Gods
- A study of the Native Americans, adventurers, gold seekers, pioneers and entrepreneurs who have left a part of themselves in this garden of rock. 
Historical Gazette
- Acts of bravery, mean deeds, the pioneers' struggles, gold seekers, Indian battles, railroad barons, all headlines from early news papers. 
The History of Cattle Brands
- A brief description and history of cattle brands. 
History of Longhorn Cattle
- History of the Texas Longhorn breed of cattle known for their endurance on the trails westward. 
History of Pioneers
- Brief history of the pioneer and America's expansion into the West. 
The History of the Upper Midwest
- An overview of the history of the upper Midwest including lay of the land, the Indians, the French, the British, the ordinances, the pineries and the mines. 
Imaging and Imagining the Ghost Dance
- Of all the incidents in recent American Indian history, the Ghost Dance of 1890 is probably without equal in evocative power.   
Kit Dalton's Homestead
- Information on Kit Dalton, an outlaw of the Wild West. 
Library of Fur Trade Historical Source Documents
- This webpage is a virtual library of historical source documents pertaining to the United States Rocky Mountain West in the years 1800-1850. 
Lone Hand Western
- The history of the old west, chuckwagon and cowboy lore, books for the re-enactor and western music. 
Meeting of Frontiers - English-Russian, The story of the American exploration and settlement of the West and the parallel exploration of Siberia, and the Russian Far East. Meeting in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. 
Mountain Howitzer - Information on the lost Fremont Cannon left on the West Walker River in January 1844. 
The Northern Great Plains (1880-1920)
- Photographs from Fred Hultstrand and F.A. Pazandak Photograph Collections with 900 photographs of rural and small town life at the turn of the century. 
The Old West
- Professor Janke's list of resources on historical, cultural, social, technological, and other aspects of the Old West. As near a complete list as possible. 
Oliver Loving and the Goodnight-Loving Trail
- Discusses the history of the famed Goodnight-Loving cattle trail and seeks to gather information on trail drives. 
The Oregon-Trail
- This web site is based on the award-winning documentary film on PBS." Read about the history and see the historic sites located along the trail. 
The Overland Trail
- The Overland Trail was established in 1862 by Ben Holladay, the Overland Trail went from Julesburg, Co to Ham's Fork, Wy. Pages describe the route, stations and landmarks, personalities. 
Russian Settlement at Fort Ross, California
- A brief history of the settlement at Northern California's "Fort Ross" in the 19th Century. 
The Story of Major John Wesley Powell
- Biography of Major John Wesley Powell.   
Voices from the Trading Post
- Oral history interviews with over fifty Indian traders of the southwest United States. Contains slide shows, with a focus on Navajo, Hopi, Zuni reservations. 
Voices From the Western Frontier
- Documents and newspapers preserved by a Lakota family, with searchable transcriptions, photographs and audio recordings. A history of the frontier and western states, the Indian Wars, and genealogical research. 
Wagon Train to Oregon 1843: The Great Migration
- List of pioneers on the first great migration over the Oregon Trail, in 1843, with links to related sites and individual researchers on various pioneers. 
Web de Anza
- Provides visitors with documents and multimedia resources covering Juan Bautista de Anza's two overland expeditions from the Sonoran Desert to northern California.  
The Western History Photography Collection
- The Denver Public Library collection of more than 500,000 photographs related to the history of Colorado and American West. Over 50,000 of these images are searchable on the Internet. 
Women in America
- The eighteen travelers included here--Irish, German, Scotch, English, and French--pieced together form a more complete and varied picture of the life of American women than can be gleaned from the text of Democracy in America alone. 
Women Pioneers in American Memory
- Features stories about the strong and determined women who were an integral part of the migration to different parts of the country seeking new opportunities. A Library of Congress site. 

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