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Vintage Chef offers fine specimens of antique graniteware coffee pots and boilers, utensils, and enamelware by Crow Canyon Home - CGS International

Graniteware, technically enamelware, traces it's origins to Germany in the early 1800's.  A process was developed to coat metals with an enamel finish and the earliest pieces were of solid color.  

During a trip to Germany in 1874 William Niedringhaus, who along with his brother Frederick owned a kitchen utensil manufacturing company,  noticed enameled utensils in a store display  and ultimately  ended up purchasing the process.  Upon his return to St. Louis the brothers began working on manufacturing enamel coated  utensils.  The Niedringhaus version of enamelware was coated with ground granite.  Graniteware was featured at the 1876 Philly Expo.

Like so many things, graniteware has become the "generic" term for enamelware.  True graniteware would have it's origin in Granite City, Illinois.

Vintage Chef offers a great selection of antique graniteware coffee pots and boilers, utensils, and enamelware by CGS International -
 Crow Canyon Home.

Coffee Pots and Boilers

 Large capacity chuckwagon sized coffee boilers and and their smaller cousins.  Beautiful examples in very good condition.





 A great selection of graniteware buckets, pans, bowls and and other items.  Specimens range from the very old newer vintage specimens.



Crow Canyon Home Enamelware / Graniteware
Enamelware by Crow Canyon

Vintage Chef is happy to be an authorized dealer for Crow Canyon Home Enamelware.  These represent some of the finest modern replicas of period graniteware that are available today.  Beautiful pieces at common sense prices.


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